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Deanne is based in Italy, works globally and hands down is one of the best global change agents I have ever come across. If you know of any organisation requiring a global change agent and she's available, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her
I fully endorse and recommend Deanne in any business change or project management role. Find the full recommendation here on LinkedIn.
Founder and Director, Evolved Leadership, NZ
Deanne was brought into New Zealand Post to both lend her experience and assist with the development and deployment of a full project management framework and tool set. Her direct focus on the project and topics at hand ensured key issues were addressed and the project was targeting the business needs without getting sidetracked. Her ability to provide support and leadership to the project, aligned with a wide level of experience ensured the team and suppliers were aligned. 
I fully endorse and recommend Deanne in any business change or project management role.
Technology Innovation Manager, New Zealand Post Group, NZ
Deanne has the rare ability to connect strategic governance and day-to-day operational realities and make sense of the value chain that ties the two together. Extremely capable, she can quickly identify the heart of organisational structures and processes, and establishes high value relationships with key stakeholders and influencers. It has been a pleasure working with a professional of Deanne's calibre in her time assisting New Zealand Post with governance structure and advising on organisational maturity. A seasoned change manager, Deanne intelligently addresses the 360 degree change lifecycle including culture and behaviours, not simply the technology change function. I would very happily work with Deanne again.
Commercial Procurement Manager, Strategic Procurement, Group Finance, New Zealand Post Group, NZ
Deanne is an organised and disciplined project manager. She managed Sterling Commerce's support for Belron Italy, delivering the Italian Warehouse Management System. Throughout the project, Deanne was professional and focused. Easy to communicate with you always knew the status of the project and she was ready to address the client's concerns at all times. I would not hesitate to work with her in the future.
Management Consultant and Programme Manager, UK
Deanne is a very professional and experienced Project Manager, She has an impressive ability to work with very complex and challenging projects through to successful delivery. She is dedicated, hard working and self motivated. As a Delivery Manager, I have worked with many project managers over the years and have found Deanne to be above average.
Delivery Manager, Sterling Commerce, UK
Deanne was a consultant, hired to assist my customer with scoping and transitioning a complex project. I found her both professional and delightful to deal with. She interfaced well with a variety of people in both our organisations and always managed to produce a positive outcome, negotiating her way skillfully through any issues and producing quality documentation.
Client Director, Gen-i, NZ
Deanne is a very strong project manager who has delivered excellent results in challenging circumstances. Her attention to detail and organisational ability are complemented by an ability to relate and manage at all levels within both customer and internal organisations. She was recommended to me by a colleague and I would not hesitate to provide similar recommendation.
Senior Service Manager, Sterling Commerce, UK
Deanne is a highly committed professional that can handle complex challenges, delivering always with top quality standards, It's always a pleasure to find reliable and proactive individuals like her in the industry, that can adapt to different environments.
Senior Solutions Engineer, Sterling Commerce, Mexico
Deanne is a fantastic manager who shines through in complex and seemingly impossible, unmanageable situations with great poise and aplomb. She is fun to work with, and is a calming influence in stormy situations, especially where multiple stakeholders are involved. She is a good team leader, mentor and motivator and is excellent in time management and task prioritization. Whether it is managing and controlling change or devising risk management strategies, she can perform them all with an effortless ease. She is an asset when it comes to on time, on budget delivery of a project with good quality.
Lead Consultant, Sterling Commerce, UK
Deanne arrived to help us with a project crisis, as we ran into difficulties which led to a third party intervention need. I watched Deanne with astonishment as she led the project through the requirements and design stage, with persistence she led a large group of users and managers filled with objections. Her professionalism and expertise provided with spirit and the will to understand and solve conflicts brought unity and collaboration. Deanne is a real Pro and I'm looking forward to working with her again.
Project Manager, NESS Technologies, Tel Aviv, Israel
I have worked with Deanne on two large IT projects for separate clients during the past year. Having eighteen years experience as a consultant myself, both as a developer and project manager, I have watched and admired her abilities from both perspectives. Deanne is wonderful to work for. As a project manager, she has that cool and collected demeanor that keeps the developers functioning as a team during the inevitable stressful moments that most IT projects encounter. Because she is very proactive about resolving issues before they become issues, everyone on the team is aware of their responsibilities and surprises are kept to a minimum. She is NOT a project manager that disappears after the project plan is delivered.

Deanne is even more impressive as a manager. Both projects have involved multi-national teams and clients. Language barriers, time zone differences, international travel, and key client employees who seem determined to fail were only minor obstacles for her. There were vacation schedules, international holidays, and personnel turnover that she had to deal with; yet both projects were successfully delivered on time and under budget.

I will always welcome the opportunity to work with Deanne. I know I can depend on it being a well managed project.
EDI Specialist, Nowlin Sales & Consulting, Inc., USA
Deanne is a very focused results oriented contributor that keeps her calm in all situations and is highly effective moving project teams along. She made extremely good contributions to the project outcome of a very complex project. Deanne worked well both with management teams as well as the operational organisation. Her attention to detail and determination to succeed is outstanding.
IT Strategy & Solutions Architect, SCA Group, Sweden
Deanne struck me as one of the most professional persons that I have worked with. Extremely organised and never afraid to dig in, whatever the task. I know that she will be successful in whatever assignment she takes on in the future. 
IT Project Manager, SCA Hygiene Products AG, Sweden
Deanne was a valuable resource in allowing the business to continue with its daily operations whilst she provided the project management acumen to identify and focus on the critical success factors required. Her experience highlighted the need for business to remain disciplined in defining and keeping to project scope, plus engaging the necessary operational and development personnel to resource the project. Throughout her assignment, Deanne maintained her commercial focus and encouraged all personnel to review and challenge their business processes and ensure effectiveness.
Regional Director Business Logistics, SCA Hygiene Products Ltd, UK
Deanne has the unique ability to determine the strengths and weaknesses of any corporation or organization large or small - effect changes, set goals and targets with flawless precision and planning, to bypass staid operations and mired organizational procedures, to turn it into a very profitable enterprise within an extremely short period of time. A key strength of hers lies in assessing the abilities of people and using them to the greatest advantage to the organization. Any institution availing itself of her services, would be assuredly guaranteeing their own success.
Logistics Manager, Hagensborg Foods Ltd, Vancouver, BC, Canada
What amazes me most about Deanne is her gift for walking into chaos and creating order. She can go into a broken business or life, quickly assess strengths, create the procedure manual for success and train people to keep the success going and growing. She has a unique ability to sift through the mud and dirt and find the gold nuggets.
Owner, Stacy Rake Agency - Nationwide Insurance, Sherman, Texas, USA
If you're looking for focus you'll find Deanne. With excellent people skills Deanne is a manager with an eye on the business objective as well as the affects that change has on those around her - a superb combination.
Senior Consultant, WCI Group, UK
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