IT Outsourcing Review – Telecommunications

Client: Telecommunications Provider

Location: New Zealand

As part of a larger organisational change programme the IT Outsourcing Review encompassed existing outsourced services with an increased scope for a wider range of services. An existing team had been in place for some time and had completed a number of stages in the project. The next stage required more individual focus and attention to detail for any transition or transformation being proposed and considered. Again Deanne was recommended to the Programme Manager and after some discussion, was brought in to the team with responsibility for these critical areas.

The project was missing someone with experience in transition and first hand experience of what that means in reality. With the previous stages complete and the team focused on their own areas of responsibility it appeared that transition would happen auto-magically. It was necessary to quickly and thoroughly understand what had happened to date and what needed to happen next, while at the same time work with suppliers in order to satisfy the projects’ objectives around service efficiencies, cost savings, and evaluate their overall ability to provide continuity while delivering a transitioned service.

Project and Service Delivery Management

A common understanding of both transition delivery and opportunities for transformation, their definition and purpose, across the project team was established early to ensure a consistent message was delivered at all times to all involved. Expectations of requirements and deliverables were reviewed, confirmed and reset internally and externally. Through the project’s collaborative approach Suppliers were challenged and encouraged to build a relationship based on belief and trust that could be sustained beyond the sales cycle, which is critical to any transition.

In parallel mobilisation and due diligence was progressed in order to transition one stream independently. Planning, resourcing, timelines and a definition of the scope of work were initiated in advance of commercial agreements being finalised.

One senior consultant involved states, “Deanne joined this project after it had been underway for 6 months. She quickly came up to speed with the objectives and environment and began to provide guidance within days of commencing. Her role encompassed co-ordination of the project’s work plan, supplier solution appraisals and transition of service planning. Working at a senior level within the team, Deanne’s contributory report provided the necessary balance of credibility and experience for compilation of the final Executive briefing and recommendations.”

Other Comments:
“Deanne’s large project change management background provided a significant boost to the overall ability of the team in ensuring that a comprehensive assessment and workable transition plan was arrived at.”

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