Assessment Tool

Effectively Managing Change

Assessing Effectiveness Across 8 Areas of Competence

Intentional or not, organisations are constantly changing. Some are better equipped to manage that change than others. The purpose of this tool is to help those responsible to assess how the change is being managed. There may be an existing awareness of sub-optimal areas such as:

  • Lack of strategic alignment
  • The need for change is not understood or accepted
  • Slow or no adoption of systems, processes, behaviours
  • Low level of business readiness

This tool allows the user to determine a baseline from which they can have constructive discussion and planning sessions. By measuring, as a snapshot in time, the current level of confidence in how effectively change is being managed, the user can then plot against their desired level of confidence as well as the organisation and projects required level of confidence. 

It’s unrealistic to believe or expect that an organisation adn those managing change initiatives on its behalf, will have reached and can sustain optimal effectiveness in each area. What is important is that those responsible as well as those accountable for change, use this tool and the results as a constructive mechanism for continuous improvement.

If change is proving difficult or projects are failing, this tool could be one way to identify why.

Assessment Wheel