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eBook: How to be a Good Project Manager

Prompted by TimeCamp's list of the Top 123 Influencers in the project management industry in 2016, this eBook captures the advice from 30 of those influencers who responded to the question 'In your opinion, what is your best advice to be a good project manager?' Published by the team at PMAGP, they say knowledge should not be proprietary. Knowledge should be shared to create more knowledge. Download your copy today.


The Glass Breakers eBook

Breakthrough leadership stories from 5 Women Leaders. The Glass Breakers have chosen to rise above the noise to make a difference, with one collective voice. They've smashed the glass, walked on it, and in some cases walked away from it. They know what it takes to break through. Available now, this eBook shares these stories as inspiration for other women to lead.


Project Management to Project Leadership eBook

Gartner predicted a massive sea change in the world of project management—a change that is forcing project managers into a greater leadership role and requiring them to work closely with senior executives. In this eBook 40 top Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) professionals to share their secrets for strong project leadership. Their insightful answers depict an industry in transition.


PMFlashBlog eBook

In September 2013 the first ever PMFlashBlog took place. Over 50 project managers around the world wrote a blog post about the same topic with their publication syncrhonised to the same time. Now, with the agreement of all involved, every post is available in this complimentary eBook. A great resource by project people for project people.


5 Steps to Leadership Success

When you're thrown in the deep end of a new role and asked to work miracles, what are the first things you do? To help you swim through the mud we've put together a list of 5 practical steps that we know work. Why do we know they work? Because they're what we do and we've proven their success time and time again. Put them to the test and let us know how you get on.


11 Things Only a Connected Executive could know...

Every Organisation wants greater benefit from both operations and projects. Those that actually achieve it know it takes clarity, pragmatism, and just the right amount of disruption. 


Effectively Managing Change - A Self-Assessment Tool

This self-assessment tool measures the effectiveness of 8 areas of competence that together represent the fundamentals required for managing change.
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