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We give a number of Expert Interviews sharing our knowledge and expertise with a wide audience. Some also bring together professionals and thought leaders from across the world of project management and business in general.
Our involvement gives a clear insight into how we create the change our clients crave. Listen now or bookmark the links for future reference.
People, Process, Productivity - Webinar with AtTask and Project Times
Managing complex enterprise projects requires a robust and evolving skill set. Not only are project managers expected to manage a colossal amount of projects, they’re expected to direct resources to properly plan for those projects. Often times, those two sides of the business don’t align very well. Listen as the panel explores three ways you can align people and process for a more productive team. Get insights from specialists that can help you take your skillset from project manager to project leader.
Women have made their mark in the project management profession and have positively influenced the profession over the last two decades. Read this interview with Deanne Earle and Alexia Nalewaik, members of The Glass Breakers women’s network.
An engaging discussion about the business side of project management, leadership styles in male dominated fields, and natural strengths of women in project management, with three of the profession's most successful thought leaders.
It may not be a very p.c title but we all know it's a very real problem. Why should anyone or any company put up with PM's or leaders who suck?
Join Ty Kiisel and Raechel Logan for a live broadcast of the TalkingWork podcast as they discuss Project Transition. In this webinar, Deanne helps attendees understand the difference between handover and transition and discusses the benefits of transition planning and how to go about it.
A live appearance on the PMChat Pre-Game Show. After a few early technical difficulties the content of the show has subsequently been described as 'awesome', 'great', 'everything resonated' and 'excellent'.
Ty Kiisel and Raechel Logan interview Deanne Earle, The project “fixer”, about change management and tackling tough project management problems.
Samad Aidane interviews Deanne about initiating, leading, and delivering change projects.

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