Change Management - Telecoms

Client: Senior IT Manager, Telecommunications Company
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
This client had not long taken over the role of IT Manager for a new Telecommunications provider in New Zealand. There was a small team covering all areas of IT support, development and operations that needed growing in both numbers and capability. The company was really starting to grow both in size and customers it was taking on. Deanne was recommended by a colleague, so he brought her on to assist with the changes that they needed to go through.
There was a large amount of change occurring within the company; additionally they effectively needed to reinvent the IT infrastructure, everything from security/networks to operational support systems including billing and customer care. This needed to happen at the same time as recruiting new staff to operate and support the environment and to ensure they were working as required for the business. This meant a full change in existing processes, previously provided by the parent company in Australia.
The type of support our client needed was a key consideration. He needed to engage with someone who had capabilities in process development that is appropriate to the business and who can develop a team to work effectively. Deanne fitted these requirements and worked with him and his team full time for 8 months focusing directly on developing operational processes and the teams operation. Additionally she was key in identifying and recruiting the appropriate staff for the new roles that were required.
Our client says, "Deanne quickly took on the role and integrated herself into a small team, gaining acceptance and respect from staff and management alike with an open and honest approach. She was not afraid to raise the hard questions or dig through bureaucracy to get to a problem. Additionally helping and supporting staff to be able to develop these capabilities themselves was a key outcome.

Deanne was fun to work with, has a good sense of humour and is able to give and receive feedback. She is not afraid to challenge or be challenged and stimulates discussions and thought while keeping the target in mind, and cut to the chase fast ensuring the business drivers were always met."
Other Comments:
"In short Deanne has the ability to be a valuable contributor to any business. She's flexible, supporting, open, constructive and pragmatic. She provides some key attributes that will help in all situations, including listening, challenging, direct, focused, consultative and efficient."

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