Change Management - Food Manufacturing

Client: President, Gourmet Chocolate Manufacturing Company
Location: Vancouver, Canada
The company had been through a number of significant changes including the complete redevelopment of its product range during 2005. This was done to support their new branding strategy and while the company had clarity of direction they needed help to gain the traction necessary to move forward.
The launch of a new product range saw difficulties experienced with the product development life cycle (PDLC), poor decision making in terms of product development, commitment and delivery by suppliers, and manufacturing taking place much later than originally scheduled thereby affecting credibility and resulting in customer satisfaction over their ability to deliver being at an all-time low.

Even though the market was going crazy about the new product the company was struggling to regain customer confidence, maintain any level of credibility with suppliers and penetrate existing as well as new markets. While staff remained loyal morale was going down.
Unlike Before was engaged by the Company Chairman to provide consulting services over a 6 month period. The primary purpose was to evaluate the situation, report back the findings and to actively recruit and train a new President who could then execute the recommendations. The evaluation was approached by spending time talking with every employee and observing behaviours and activities. At the same time other more operational areas of the business were being considered as follows:
Review and make recommendations for organisation structure changes
Shape and develop strategic plan supporting company goals and objectives, incorporating aggressive divisional goals
Re-establish individual roles and responsibilities within new company structure
Conduct initial individual performance reviews and set initial goals
Encourage teamwork and communication through formal (meetings) and informal (general talking to each other) channels
Establish initial budgetary requirements for OPEX and CAPEX expenditure and ensuring departmental managers responsibility for finalisation and consolidation
The results were very positive in terms of the overall structure and operation of the company. A new President was promoted from within and after being involved in developing the strategic plan, experiencing Deanne's ability to align the direction of the company and mould the culture to that plan, the new President was able to learn new leadership skills and apply them to her new role.

There were many other practical operational and cultural outcomes of the involvement with this client:
A more informed Board of Directors
An altered organisation structure to ensure all critical business areas were identified and supported
A culture of engagement, openness, communication and information sharing was created and encouraged
Development and implementation of a strategic plan, and communication of the plan to all staff
Departmental goals with individual roles, responsibilities and goals also established
Introduction of a performance review process
Key focus on supplier relations to reduce costs and establish long term commitment and support
Decision making in-line with strategic direction
Now there was a focus on 'real world' needs while constantly considering strategic direction and company growth both locally and internationally. The employee response to the new way of working was exceptional. With the clarity of direction they were inspired and responded well to the new level of autonomy, creative thinking, support and information sharing.
Other Comments:
"Deanne had a lot of insight and a strong sense of black and white. I was able to use her organisational skill and understanding of the corporate culture to strategically enable me to become an effective, communicative and efficient leader. I look to Deanne for mentorship in various avenues of the business. It is my firm belief that great leaders are not just born but are the result of their journey. I am grateful to have Deanne to help guide me and hold me accountable."

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